Valve’s Steam Service has Square-Enix Complete Pack for $75

In case anyone reading this doesn’t know what Steam is, Steam is a game download service for your Windows or Macintosh computer. The company that runs the service is Valve. Steam is probably the most popular game download service available, mainly due in part to their incredible service, ease of use, and extensive library. All games available on the service are for sale, and vary in price, they offer both new and older titles and they have frequent sales. The best part about it is the games are tied to your account, so there is no need for physical media, and games are installed on your computer over the internet. You can read more about their service on their web site, but this post simply states an incredibly good deal going on this week; the Complete Square-Enix collection is on sale for $75! An exceptional value considering it contains several titles, if purchased individually would cost a few hundred dollars. Titles include: Batman Arkham Asylum, Front Mission Evolved, Just Cause 2, and many more.