IPad Game Review: Space Miner HD

Space Miner HDIn the classic game of Asteroids, you spend the entirety of the game in a space ship blowing up space rocks. But for what reason? Well, the developers at Venan software answered that question by creating a fun little gem of a game called “Space Miner HD“, where they merged the rock smashing of Asteroids with a story.

The game is an iPad remake of their iPhone game, “Space Miner: Space Ore Bust”. The story follows you as a young girl or boy, a recent graduate of the space academy who goes out to help your Uncle Jeb mine asteroids. What transpires is a light hearted comical story that contains encounters with aliens, alien artifacts, evil bankers, space tours gone wrong, and lots and lots of robots. The game has a whitty hill-billy-gold-rush theme, complete with great sound effects, banjo music and most importantly addicting game play.

Uncle JebYou’ll basically find yourself going on missions blowing up asteroids to get money to upgrade the different parts of your spaceship, eventually build up to a pretty powerful one. Blowing up asteroids is harder than it sounds, as later zones introduces different variations of scenery from clear open space to muddy nebula clouds, each zone is filled with asteroids of various kind – some actually do damage to your ship. Later you’ll encounter bad guys in the asteroids which livens things up. The mining missions are further broken up by side missions, where you search for artifacts, help stranded space tourists, and come to the aid of a bungling space hero. There’s even boss battles!

Space Miner HD GameplayThe game is easy to pick up and play if you’re short on time, and it’s completely wholesome, so I have no issues with my son playing it! The game supports different profiles, so I don’t need to worry about my son altering my game. The gameplay is very addicitive as you try to amass money for the next upgrade or try for the various achievements the game challenges you with. It’s not new, but it’s no longer on the top charts in the Apple store, but this title is NOT to be missed – Highly Recommended!

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Space Miner HD - Venan Entertainment, Inc.

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