ThinkGeek Joystick-IT for iPad looks pretty good!

If you have and iPad or iPhone, the lack of real tactile controls makes gaming often difficult. My thumbs tend to slide around all over the screen, never quite landing in the right spot. If any one has tried playing any of the Capcom, Sega, or other console arcade game ports to the iPhone or iPad, you probably have run into this. For example, my foray into Megaman on the iPhone left me at game over within 10 seconds of game play… Even sick with the black plague on my deathbed I wouldn’t do this bad on my SNES! The touch interface, at least for me, just doesn’t hack it… But once again, intrepid third party developers come to the rescue! ThinkGeek’s selling these nice looking aluminum joysticks that stick onto the iPad screen… Hop over to their site for more details. I might need to go buy me some!