iPhone Game Review: Tiny Wings

Tiny WingsThere is not shortage of games on Apples iTunes App Store, it is after all the biggest category of Apps available. So to become number one on the ranking takes something special. Angry Birds has been on the list for a very long time, and to my surprise this past week, I noticed that it wasn’t anymore! I had to find out what usurped Angry Birds from the top spot. Behold, it’s a little game called “Tiny Wings”. If you haven’t bought it yet, I’d recommend doing so, why? Because it’s a great example of a simple idea done very right.

Tiny Wings, doesn’t have a deep story about betrayal, vengeance, or anything that dramatic. It’s just a cute little bird with little wings that dreams of great flight. What transpires is a game where you essentially slide down hill to gain speed for prolonged flight. Of course, there are challenges. You must maintain your distance from the impending onset of night. The game keeps score for how well you slide, how far you go, how high you go and how many coins you collect along the way. This simple premise would be easily dismissed, if it weren’t for the execution. The game’s character is cute, and well animated, but it’s the backgrounds and visuals in conjunction with the masterfully crafted music and sound that makes this game shine! It’s a colorful world that changes with each play through, so the game always looks different. There’s not much more to say, you need to experience it for yourself, and at a dollar, this little game is a no-brainer. In a sea of so much competition, to come up on top with something so simple is quite an accomplishment, Bravo!

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Tiny Wings - Andreas Illiger

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