My Son is Psyched – Pokemon Black & White has finally Arrived in the US!

Pokemon Black BoxThe fateful day has finally arrived. The US Release of Pokemon Black and White. My son, who is a Pokemon fiend, has been anxiously waiting for this title since he caught wind of the Japanese release back in October. Sadly I’m out of town for work this week, so I am not around to witness the Pokebliss! My wife tells me he spent all of Saturday finishing up his homework so he would have more time to play today. He woke up this Sunday morning early and awoke his mom, dragging her out to Target, in a blizzard no less, to where he had his pre-order.

He called me a little while ago telling me that he picked up his copy of White, and was starting to play it. I’ll need to follow up with what his impressions are about it. I’ll need to wait until I get home later this week to see what Black is like. Yes, I forgot to mention that I had my wife pick me up Black. It’s not that I’m a huge fan of Pokemon, but it’s so he can have someone to battle and trade Pokemon with. I’m pretty certain none of his friends will have it, maybe in a few months they will.