SpeedBall 2 Evolution – Relive an Amiga Classic on the iPhone

If you were around during the Commodore Amiga days you might remember a popular sci-fi sports game called Speedball. It was a mix of Rugby and Football in a futuristic setting. The players were all clad in armor and the field was even metal. It was a fast paced game with two teams pitted against each other to try and score at each other’s goal at the opposite end of the arena. It’s not a revolutionary concept, but Speedball’s execution was well done. I’m not a big sports fan, I don’t watch football or rugby for that matter. But something about this game was plain fun. It might have been the futuristic metal setting, but the original Speedball sits in a fond place in my memory.

I discovered this app today on the App Store for a $.99, Speedball 2 Evolution, by Tower Studios. Don’t confuse the title with Speedball, which is some kind of baseball pitching speed app.

I’ve only played through the tutorial and a quick match, and it is fun. You can manage your team and scout for new talent. You can play a quick match or head on to the career mode. It even has multiplayer over wifi and bluetooth. The game is also made for both the iPhone and iPad. Gameplay is either through tilt controls or an on-screen d-pad.

Tower Studios did a fine job bringing this game to the iPhone/iPad and I would recommend this game for anyone interested in reliving an old Amiga classic.

Speedball 2 Evolution - Tower Studios