Microsoft Kodu – Visual Programming for Games – Free and Available Now!

Summer is coming soon, and it is time to start looking into summer camps and things to do with my 8 year old son. One of the areas my son has expressed interest in recently is game development. Granted, I may have steered him into this direction a little, since he plays games, why not think about making them? Indeed, there are a few camps dedicated to this subject, but he is just 8, and he may be a bit young for some of them. I didn’t want to inundate him with some of the finer points of object oriented programming yet, and in my wanderings on the Internet I stumbled upon a Microsoft project called “Kodu”, and it immediately peeked my interest.

So, what is Kodu, and why is it interesting to me? Kodu is simply a visual programming tool for making games. It breaks down the major tasks of making a game into easy to understand visual components that a youngster can understand. In fact, you don’t type a thing. It’s all visual and it’s programmable even from an XBox 360 controller. Watching some of the demo videos, it looks quite amazing, and seems like a great way to give my son some of the basics of how a game works. Unfortunately, he’s too young to participate in their contest, and I’m too old. But that won’t stop me from giving a good try in the coming days. I’ll write back when I get a chance to introduce my son to this tool. If you want to check it out, head over to Microsoft’s Kodu site.