Pokemon Eggs at Toys “R” Us!

You don’t need to be a gamer to know that Pokemon is one of the most successful franchises around, and their latest game Pokemon Black and White has been very successful. The game itself makes use of the wifi capabilities of the DS handheld to full effect by occasionally offering downloadable goodies at various locations during special events. Well, this week, starting on April 27, you can pop over to a Toys “R” Us near you and pick up an in-game mystery egg which will hatch into one of three special Pokemon. So, if you are a Pokemon fan or know of one, don’t miss out!

Making PDF’s Smaller for Free in Mac OSX!

I was recently helping a friend with her web site and she wanted to upload a PDF of her brochure for her potential clients; which normally isn’t a big deal, and relatively simple to do. But as with anything, there was an unexpected problem.

The brochure was a simple 2 page document made in Microsoft Word, but the problem was the file size of the PDF that came out of Microsoft Word. The generated PDF file was 7mb, which was far too large to be a worthwhile download for such a small document. The question was, how to make the file smaller without shelling out any money for additional tools, such as the real full blown version of Adobe Acrobat?

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Alone in the Dark available at GOG.com with Sweet Bonus!

Image - Alone in the Dark CoverHave you ever wondered where the 3D Survival Horror Genre of games got it’s start? It all began on the PC way back in 1992 with a little known title called “Alone in the Dark”. Good Old Games (GOG.com), has this pioneering game for $5.99, and as a special gift, they’ll give you the second and third installment for free! The deal also includes manuals and soundtracks to all three games.

Don’t let the simple 3D graphics fool you, it’s a great game. If you aren’t familiar with GOG, they’re a group that sells legitimate copies of old games, made to run on modern machines, and without all the copy protection nonsense that came with the original.

Head over to Good Old Games for more details.

Review of the Nintendo 3DS

March 27, 2011. The day my son had waited in baited breath for had arrived. The Nintendo 3DS had finally arrived. Ever since the announcement late last year, he’s been saving his allowance, birthday and Christmas money and today was the day he would spend it. Cash in hand we entered Best Buy, and out we walked with his Black 3DS, some accessories and 2 games.

My son picked Lego Star Wars III Clone Wars, and Tom Clancey’s Ghost Recon as his starter games, Star Wars was an expected choice, since we’re both Clone Wars fans, but Ghost Recon was surprising. I would have picked Pilot Wings, which probably would have been a better game to show off the 3D display, since you would be flying around an island. But the box art of the soldiers and guns sucked him in. For accessories, we had to get the essentials, a set of screen protectors and a car charger. The car charger is a necessity, since Nintendo has already warned the public about the limited 3 hour battery life, and the screen protectors are obviously to avoid scuffing up the bottom screen with the stylus.

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Atari’s Greatest Hits Now on iPhone/iPad! – Retro Nirvana!

My first game console was the Atari 2600, so it holds a special place in my heart, and it’s one of the platforms I emulate the most. It’s not that I play the old games heavily, it’s more for the nostalgia value and the occasional distraction. Atari has released their greatest hits on various platforms over the years (NDS, Gameboy, PSP, etc), they even released 2 dedicated consoles that look and operate  like the original Atari console. Now Atari has released their Greatest Hits app for the iPhone and iPad. It’s free, but here’s the catch, you’ll need to in-app purchase the games. You can get groupings of the games or just buy all of them outright for $15.

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April Fools! Gmail Motion

Today is April fools day, so it’s only rightfully so that some companies have fun with this day. Google, in particular has had great fun with this day in the past, and today is no exception. Motion Controls have been all the rage this past year with Sony’s Playstation Move, and Microsoft’s Kinect, so it’s only natural that Google introduces GMail Motion! Head on over to http://gmail.com/motion to see it in action.