Impressions of Dell’s New Sexy XPS 15z Laptop

It’s been a very long time since anything came out of Dell that piqued my interest, it’s hard to imagine, but at one point, I was an avid Dell fan. I stopped being one mainly because their laptops stopped being interesting, and became drab business oriented machines. They paled in comparison to the pricing and styling that came out of other vendors like Alienware, HP, and especially Apple (ok, Apple’s pricing is not appealing, but their laptop designs are). When Dell managed to make a pretty impressively styled laptop, the Adamo, it was priced out of sanity, which ultimately doomed it. Now Dell wants to make a comeback with it’s new Dell XPS 15z.

What’s so special about this Dell? Well, it’s a 15.6″ laptop that essentially is an Apple Macbook Pro from Dell (Sorry Dell, but it’s true). Engadget has a nice review, and they put the Dell 15Z side by side with a Macbook Pro, and it is strikingly similar. Now, being like a Macbook Pro isn’t a bad thing. Apple themselves has kept the design unchanged for three generations of Macbook Pro’s, so it’s hard to deny that the design works, and has appeal. What really makes the Dell appealing is you get a whole lot of power starting at only $999, and maxes out at $1499. The 15″ monstrosity packs either a 2nd Generation i5 or i7 processor, with a dedicated NVidia 525M graphics card, 6-8gb RAM, 750GB Hard Drive, Slot load DVD Drive, and up to 8 hours battery life. The screen has two options resolution options, 1366×768 or 1920×1080, although at 15″, 1920×1080 might be too dense a resolution for the screen sizeĀ  (At the office, my 15″ HP laptop has this dense a screen and I can’t use it; things are just too small for my eyes to read). Needless to say, the XPS 15z offers quite a bit of power for the price, and it looks pretty nice too. if I wanted a new Windows based laptop for gaming and general purpose use, this one would be one to consider.

I won’t go into much more detail, but head on over to Engadget for their review. Thanks for reading.