Infocom offer’s Zork I, II, and III for Free

OK, I won’t touch on the subject of illegally getting old games, but if you wanted to legally obtain a truly ground breaking classic series, head over to Infocom and grab Zork I, II and III for free! For those that don’t know, Infocom was a company that produced ground breaking adventure games before there were graphics (GASP!), yes, these were text adventures, and yes, you had to READ your way through the game! Moving through the game required typing in commands like “Go West” and then reading what happens next. These games are true legends in the annals of electronic gaming and are not to be missed. Click here to get them!

Happy Father’s Day – The iCade Review

Happy Father’s Day everyone! This day has more meaning to me these days since I’ve become a parent, and for this Father’s Day, I’ll be writing about something my wife and son decided to get for me, the iCade stand for the iPad. What started out as an April fools joke has become a reality; created by IonAudio, and sold by ThinkGeek, the iCade is simply a classic retro 80’s style mini arcade cabinet for the iPad. What makes it special is the built in set of arcade controls; a joystick and 8 buttons. The iCade has proved to be quite a hit, since ThinkGeek’s been backordered on the control since they debuted it back in April, apparently mine arrived this week, just in time for this special day.

Contine reading Celebrates All Things Ultima

Electronic Arts (EA) launched this week a website,, which celebrates all things Ultima related. For those that don’t know, Ultima is a computer role playing game series which debuted on  Apple computers in the early 80’s and set the standard for this genre of computer games. Among the most popular in the series is Ultima 4, which EA has made freely available for people to download. Now, technically, the series has been available for download from various sources on the internet for quite some time, but EA has now made it legitimate. You’ll need to run the game with the DosBox emulator, which means you can run the game on just about any platform. Also, Good Old Games (, is also starting to sell many of the old EA titles, starting with the Ultima Underworld series. All in all, a very exciting development for the retro gaming community. Now go out there, and bring virtue to the world of Britannia!

Review: Doctor Wunda’s Recyclatron for iPad

Matching Puzzle games are nothing new to Apple’s App Store, but Doctor Wunda’s Recyclatron by 3Squared adds a new twist to the equation. The best way I can describe the game is you are on an assembly line sorting out several objects into one of four alternately scrolling conveyor belts for Dr. Wunda; who appears to be a zany German scientist. The conveyors show shadows of the objects you are to match up, each conveyor also moves at a slightly different speed. As you successfully match shapes you increase your score, build up bonuses, and garner praise from the good doctor. Not all the objects that appear match something on the conveyor, so you need to make a choice to discard the objects and incur a point deduction. Once all shapes are matched up, you complete the level and move onto increasingly harder conveyors. Each set of levels are also grouped by material type, and each silhouette becomes more tricky to match. Throughout your sorting tasks is a whacky repetitive song that seems well suited for the game, but it does become a bit grating after a while. Mercifully, there’s an option to turn the music off; although doing so seems to diminish the game a bit.

The game could use some additions, like maybe a timer or clock to beat to add additional challenge to the game, but all in all, it’s a fun game for all ages, and 3Squared is planning on releasing additional levels sometime in the future.

Doctor Wunda’s Recyclatron - 3Squared Ltd.

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