Ultimaforever.com Celebrates All Things Ultima

Electronic Arts (EA) launched this week a website, UltimaForever.com, which celebrates all things Ultima related. For those that don’t know, Ultima is a computer role playing game series which debuted on  Apple computers in the early 80’s and set the standard for this genre of computer games. Among the most popular in the series is Ultima 4, which EA has made freely available for people to download. Now, technically, the series has been available for download from various sources on the internet for quite some time, but EA has now made it legitimate. You’ll need to run the game with the DosBox emulator, which means you can run the game on just about any platform. Also, Good Old Games (GOG.com), is also starting to sell many of the old EA titles, starting with the Ultima Underworld series. All in all, a very exciting development for the retro gaming community. Now go out there, and bring virtue to the world of Britannia!