iPad2 Screen Cracked! What to do!

My wife’s friend over in Singapore suffered what any iPad2 owner dreads, a cracked screen from an accidental drop! It seems for the all the strength Corning’s Gorilla glass provides for impact resistance, it’s no match for a corner impact! So what can you do? It seems at least in the early iPad2 release days some people said that Apple voluntarily and unofficially gave replacements for the broken units, but that was in the US, and I only know of this from some people posting about it on the internet. That apparently isn’t so in Singapore.

The sad story is probably familiar with many; kids playing with iPad2, dropped it from what seemed like an innocent height off a couch, and then disaster! The iPad2 was only 3 weeks old, and although the unit itself was working, it was now marred by a large and unsightly crack in the lower corner. These accidents in both the US and anywhere overseas isn’t covered by the standard warranty, since this is accidental damage, and even though a few luck souls in the US got replacements, in Singapore, my wife’s friend tried in vain, but alas, no such sympathy for her plight. The iPad2 that is now marred is a 3G 64GB version, which in the US costs $829, but in Singapore, the unit costs about $910 US. Not a cheap investment.

Apple wanted to charge her $575 US for a replacement unit, an unlicensed repair person wanted #329 US for a repair, and a replacement screen alone, costs $127 US. She opted to work with her husband to replace the screen themselves. It’s not for the faint of heart, and cracking the unit open isn’t an easy thing to do. They documented their screen replacement in a little video below.

In the end it looks like they succeeded and now have a good as new looking unit. Now the only suggestion I have for them is to get themselves a decent shell for their iPad2, and I mean more than a Zagg, because as nice as the Zagg protection is, it’s no match for a fall. I myself use a Speck Smartshell Case, which lets me use my Apple Smart Cover. Hopefully this type of accident doesn’t happy to you, but it’s nice to know that it’s not the end of the world, and if you have the guts, you too can perform your own screen replacement.

Thanks for reading.