The End of Borders Bookstores

Today, upon visiting Yahoo, I happened across a headline that saddened me. It was an article announcing that Borders is closing all its bookstores because it has failed to find a buyer. I can’t say that it’s a surprise, since they filed for bankruptcy protection back in February this year, but the realization that they are shutting their doors hurts. Borders has been around since 1971, and for me they’ve been a place I visited regularly both as a student in the 90’s and now as a parent. In fact, I was there yesterday, flipping through a scrapbook celebrating the Henrietta store’s 30 year birthday.

As odd as this will sound; the closing of Borders is like the death of a good friend. Someone you know well, and a relationship you’ve taken for granted all these years. Their closing, in a way, marks another nail in the coffin of the printed book, and one more step for the dominance of e-books. Borders late entry into the e-book market is one major reason that put them into cardiac arrest, and it became a condition they were not able to recover from. I’ll admit that I enjoyed their discount programs and such, but deep down I knew that it was just prolonging the inevitable. I’m more saddened by the fact that the store I frequently took my family to is no longer going to be around. The ability to sit down comfortably and browse a selection of books is not the same as looking at a web browser. There are still Barnes and Noble stores in town, but for some reason, they don’t seem to have the same feel as my Borders store.

Farewell Borders, thanks for all the fond memories.