Impressions of the Wacom Inkling

Wacom has been a leader in the digitizer industry for a long time, and if you are any kind of digital artist, you wouldn’t be caught dead without one, even wannabe artists like myself owns several of their digitizer tablets. Their latest addition to their extensive lineup is the Inkling. The Inkling is radically different than any product they’ve released to date. Traditionally digitizer tablets have a pen and a slate, the slate translates your pen motions to the screen, the Inkling forgoes the slate and instead translates your actions on a real drawing surface. So, instead of drawing on the screen, you draw on whatever can hold the inkling receiver. Of course the concept of a receiver and pen aren’t new, but other offerings never took things to the level Wacom has. The pen you draw with is pressure sensitive and the receiver lets you draw in layers! That’s right, with the click of the receiver you can continue drawing on a new layer. Once done, you can plug the receiver into your computer and you can get a Photoshop file or even a Illustrator vector file! has a video showing how it works, and of course, you can check out Wacom’s own web site for information.