Tabletop Gaming in My Early Years – Sword’s Point and Rudicon Modules

The concept of Tabletop gaming is a bit antiquated these days, especially in light of the all the computer and console based multiplayer games out there. But in a time before the term “MMO” or “World of Warcraft” came to be, I was in a club at RIT Campus called “RWAG”, the Rochester War-gamer’s Association and Guild. The club was a gathering place for people to get together and play games with each other. Games, like Dungeons and Dragon’s, Marvel Super Hero’s, Twilight 2000, and many others. We actually socialized together, and weren’t behind a computer screen. I became actively involved in the club and met some of my most valued friends there, a few I still stay in touch with today. While active in the club, I was the Publications Director, and during the annual club gaming convention, “Rudicon”, I served as the Director of Gaming a few of them. 

So, what’s the big deal? Well, I’m hitting the 40 year milestone in a few days, and I recently dug up a box from my basement that contained a few publications from the club, and a few gaming modules from Rudicon. It’s a major piece of nostalgia for me, and I wanted to share it with folks. In particular, I hope that some of my old club friends might find it valuable too, since their names are on a few of the stories that were published.

So here they are, maybe you can garner some inspiration from the works housed within these old documents. Please pardon the bad naming. It appears in my early days, I neglected to properly label the publications with the appropriate information, such as the date… I pieced them together as best I could and scanned them into PDF files.

RWAG Publications:

Rudicon Modules: