Happy Halloween – Excellent Use of iPads for Halloween Costume!

Ah, it’s the time of year for ghastly ghouls and fun featured frights. It’s at this time of year that I’m always taken aback by some of the ingenious things that people come up with, from transformer costumes to stunning remakes of iconic game characters. A buddy of mine sent me this link, and I thought it was too ingenious to not post. A gent named Mark Rober decided to take two iPads and use FaceTime to make a rather funny costume. Take a look for yourself (Thanks to Gizmodo for the original post). 

IOS 5 Update Pains

Well, IOS 5 has been out for a few days now, and I’ve made my attempts to upgrade all my devices, and so far, the experience is far from pleasurable. The sentiments are similar with many others who have had various issues performing the upgrade. Here’s the sum of my experience:

  1. Plug in iPhone 4/ iPhone 3G / iPad 1
  2. Get notified that I have an upgrade, Click Download and Update.
  3. Wait for a LONG time for the download to finish
  4. Wait EVEN LONGER for an attempt to backup my device
  5. Get an -50 error saying it couldn’t back it up, and if I continue, I’ll lose everything on the device.
I got that -50 error on every device I’ve tried upgrading so far… It’s pretty consistent too.
So, what happens if I continue? Well, I decided to try on my old 3G, and indeed, it wipes out the device and upgrades to IOS 5. 
So, the upgrade path that I’ve been faced with is this:
  1. Manually BACKUP my device.
  2. Unplug and plugin in the device again.
  3. When prompted to update, do it.
  4. When the error appears, continue on, wiping out the device and performing the update to IOS 5.
  5. Restore the phone from the manual backup.
Not ideal, but it works. The downsides to this method is all my email passwords and voicemail passwords are gone, and some apps which I purchased on my phone were not re-installed during the restore, since they weren’t in my iTunes library. Not the smoothest of updates, and it’s really time consuming; but it did work… I guess I should consider myself lucky, since I’ve heard of people bricking their iPhones during the IOS 5 update process – no fun. But I need to look on the bright side, at least Apple has updates available. I can’t say the same for Android, since I’m at the mercy of the tablet/phone manufacturer, and god knows when HTC will decide to come out with a Honeycomb update for the HTC Flyer.

The Big Day has Arrived – The iPhone 4S Hits Stores Today!

It all comes down to this! Today is the big day, when all the Apple fan folk line up like cows for the slaughter at their favorite retailer to attempt a walk-in purchase of an iPhone 4S. Now, the likelihood of snapping up an iPhone like this, from my experience, has been slim to none, unless you were some of the folks with abundant disposable time to sit outside an Apple store for 10 days. Over at Macrumor’s is a blog post showing some of the lines that are forming from various places around the globe. From a business standpoint, it’s unreal how much insanity comes from an Apple product release, I don’t think any other company in the world can do this but Apple! Most companies get some mild traction, if it’s something interesting, but nothing on this level… But I digress… 

Now, I bet all you readers out there are wondering – What about me? I’m a Apple-Fan-Boy-Wanna-Be. Will I go and stand outside with the rest of these good fan folk? Heck No! This old man did the smart thing, I pre-ordered it from AT&T! It’s coming in the mail tomorrow – Sucka’s! I walked right into my local, standalone store (not the mall one), and spoke to a lovely woman names Shana, and said, “I’d like to pre-order an iPhone 4S”. that’s it, no lines, no camping and no asking people to hold my place while I rummage for a lavatory. So, when it arrives tomorrow, I’ll be sure to have some pretty photos and videos about it, so stay tuned. 

Before I go, I wanted to share this little link, which I think is pretty funny. It’s from PC Magazine’s web site. Samsung, which is currently embroiled in a pissing contest with Apple, can’t be outdone by all this attention, so they’ve decided to try and convert some folks to Android in Sydney. Samsung has setup some temporary Galaxy S stores by the lines outside the Apple store. It’s brilliant, and sad at the same time!

Lastly, CNN’s got an article showing Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, in line for an iPhone 4S! Steve’s been one of my childhood nerd hero’s and I think it’s pretty cool that he’s there!

Tomorrow’s news should be filled with more goodies like this, so stay tuned and I’ll report any interesting shenanigans I find here.

Feel free to share any interesting tidbits with me.

Scribblenauts Remix for iPhone and iPad!

Two years ago on September 15, 2009, a company called 5th Cell released a puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, while puzzle games aren’t a new thing to the Nintendo handheld, this one stood apart from the crowd due to it’s unique gameplay mechanic. The game is a 2d side scroller, where you control a boy names “Maxwell” who can summon objects from his notepad. Summoning objects on the DS was a simple matter of typing out the object you wanted on the lower screen and it would appear in the game world. The game boasted an enormous vocabulary of things that could be summoned, and everything that was summoned could be interacted with; for example, summoning a Helicopter would allow Maxwell to fly. The open nature of this game mechanic allowed for a variety of fun and creative ways to solve the games 220 puzzles. To round out the experience, the game also boasts a very cute art style and it a very catchy soundtrack. 

Yesterday, 5th Cell, released their IOS version, which is universal for both iPad and iPhone (Hurray!). It sports some of the new IOS5 cloud features, which makes it’s way to IOS devices today. For example, save games are now exchangeable between devices. However, the game doesn’t have as many levels as the Nintendo version (I think it has 50), and the notebook is a separate screen which sort of takes you away from the game to summon an object, but all the gameplay elements are still present. Overall this is a fun and enjoyable game on the iPhone and iPad, If you’ve never played Scribblenauts before, or even if you have, this is a nice game to add to your IOS library. The game is currently selling for $4.99, which is about $10 cheaper than the Nintendo DS version. 

Scribblenauts Remix - Warner Bros.


Steve’s Departure, the Day After

It’s hard to believe the reaction the world has had to the passing of Steve Jobs. I knew how much of a legend he was, but the outpour from the world has really been quite astonishing to behold. In some ways, I also didn’t expect it to have as much impact on me either, but I think it might have been more a reaction to some of the really thoughtful things I came across on the web. I suppose for me, I thought back to when some of my favorite icons passed, people such as Jim Hensen, and even James Doohan (Scotty, from Star Trek). I won’t drone on about such things, but here’s a list of a few places that I found interesting today:

I was left pondering today, what an amazing event this was… There aren’t many people that can create such as stir, and especially for someone who, really was a normal citizen. Not royalty or a rock star, but a CEO of a company… I don’t think this type of outpour will occur if Bill Gates were to pass, or even Michael Dell. It is quite fascinating when you think about it.

Steve Jobs has Passed Away!

Steve Jobs Passes Away at 56It was announced only a few hours ago that Steve Jobs, one of the key founders of Apple has passed away. Steve Jobs had been sick for some time with pancreatic cancer, and over the years he had become increasingly frail. It seems that Mr. Jobs at the age of 56, has lost his battle with cancer. It’s ironic that Steve passes away a day after Tim Cook made the announcement of the iPhone 4S. I may not have had much love for the way the man handled things, but it is undeniable what he helped accomplish, and the contributions he and Apple made to the world. My first computer was an Apple IIe, and I might not be who i am today if it weren’t for Apple. My condolences go out to Steve’s family, and I quietly mourn the loss of an iconic legend.

Apple Announces iPhone 4S, no iPhone 5

iPhone 4SToday was the big day, Tim Cook made his debut appearance without the esteemed Mr. Jobs, to announce all the new things that Apple has had up it sleeve. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the new iPhone has been a long overdue addition to Apple’s technology lineup. Unfortunately, this event wasn’t televised or streamed, so I had to rely on liveblogs from the Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) and Engadget to keep me informed this afternoon. The event was held at 10am PST, and the liveblogs began rolling around 1pm EST. I won’t go into gross detail about what happened at the presentation, if you want, Engadget had some great coverage with photos, so you should head over there if you want all the nitty gritty. But the big things were the announcements of the new iPod Nano, iPod Touch, IOS 5 features, and lastly, the new iPhone. The iPhone 4S is the new model for this year, and the only new model, no iPhone 5, as the internet rumor mill surmised. 

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