Steve’s Departure, the Day After

It’s hard to believe the reaction the world has had to the passing of Steve Jobs. I knew how much of a legend he was, but the outpour from the world has really been quite astonishing to behold. In some ways, I also didn’t expect it to have as much impact on me either, but I think it might have been more a reaction to some of the really thoughtful things I came across on the web. I suppose for me, I thought back to when some of my favorite icons passed, people such as Jim Hensen, and even James Doohan (Scotty, from Star Trek). I won’t drone on about such things, but here’s a list of a few places that I found interesting today:

I was left pondering today, what an amazing event this was… There aren’t many people that can create such as stir, and especially for someone who, really was a normal citizen. Not royalty or a rock star, but a CEO of a company… I don’t think this type of outpour will occur if Bill Gates were to pass, or even Michael Dell. It is quite fascinating when you think about it.