IOS 5 Update Pains

Well, IOS 5 has been out for a few days now, and I’ve made my attempts to upgrade all my devices, and so far, the experience is far from pleasurable. The sentiments are similar with many others who have had various issues performing the upgrade. Here’s the sum of my experience:

  1. Plug in iPhone 4/ iPhone 3G / iPad 1
  2. Get notified that I have an upgrade, Click Download and Update.
  3. Wait for a LONG time for the download to finish
  4. Wait EVEN LONGER for an attempt to backup my device
  5. Get an -50 error saying it couldn’t back it up, and if I continue, I’ll lose everything on the device.
I got that -50 error on every device I’ve tried upgrading so far… It’s pretty consistent too.
So, what happens if I continue? Well, I decided to try on my old 3G, and indeed, it wipes out the device and upgrades to IOS 5. 
So, the upgrade path that I’ve been faced with is this:
  1. Manually BACKUP my device.
  2. Unplug and plugin in the device again.
  3. When prompted to update, do it.
  4. When the error appears, continue on, wiping out the device and performing the update to IOS 5.
  5. Restore the phone from the manual backup.
Not ideal, but it works. The downsides to this method is all my email passwords and voicemail passwords are gone, and some apps which I purchased on my phone were not re-installed during the restore, since they weren’t in my iTunes library. Not the smoothest of updates, and it’s really time consuming; but it did work… I guess I should consider myself lucky, since I’ve heard of people bricking their iPhones during the IOS 5 update process – no fun. But I need to look on the bright side, at least Apple has updates available. I can’t say the same for Android, since I’m at the mercy of the tablet/phone manufacturer, and god knows when HTC will decide to come out with a Honeycomb update for the HTC Flyer.