Farewell to 2011 – What a Year!

2011 was quite a year, one of the most turbulent in recent memory. I really don’t know where to start, but I feel I should give my thoughts on some of the events, both personally and globally that happened this year.

It’s hard to believe, but I officially started my blog about a year ago and admittedly, it’s not been too successful. I have a few friends that visit, and the occasional stranger that finds me, but in general I don’t get much traffic. I definitely won’t be making a living from my blog, but then again, doing so would require more time than I have. My blog, however, has been a place where I can talk about some of the tech stuff that I find interesting, and maybe help some folks out if I can. My blog is a personal accomplishment for me and it’s nice to have something of my own that I’ve kept up for over a year. Over the course of this year I’ve learned quite a bit about Search Engine Optimization, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the blogging side of the internet. All in all, a good learning experience for me. My son now actually wants to blog with me, so maybe this year you’ll see a father and son blog come online. So, if your reading this, thanks.

On the technology side of things, I’ll definitely say this has been quite a year. Tablet computing made a huge showing this year with the glut of Android tablets and the iPad 2. Microsoft began making some headway with its Windows Phone 7 platform, and RIM further slid closer to oblivion. Microsoft finds itself in the position of underdog, and Redmond doesn’t like it, so Microsoft does what it does best, throw money around. Microsoft offers some of the most lucrative incentives for development on the platform, so it may be worth looking into. If anything, Microsoft has learned quite a lot from its previous Windows Mobile failure; where they once dominated. Microsoft is going to be one to look out for. HP also made an awful attempt to get into the Tablet market with it’s ill-fated HP TouchPad, which ran Palm’s WebOS. Sadly this tablet, which could have been, didn’t live long. HP killed the TouchPad only after about 3 months on the market. HP’s lack of focus for the Touchpad and its poor pricing lead to its early demise. The TouchPad only started selling well once the company liquidated their inventory for $99. IOS and Android are both the king of the hill going into 2012.

Other tech things to consider for 2012, my prediction of the death of DVD media for computers. It’s hard to believe, but the trend has already begun. Apple’s Macbook Air’s, and other PC ultra portable laptops have already begun ditching the DVD. In an era where internet connectivity is so easily obtained, the need for DVD’s is becoming less. Apple also didn’t ship their latest OS update this year on DVD, it was downloadable from their App Store, and later available on a SD card at the Apple Store. I, myself,  also removed my DVD Drive from my Macbook Pro and replaced it with an additional Hard Drive, finding the extra space more important than the need for the occasional DVD.

Continuing on in my reflection of this year, Social Media was big. Twitter and Facebook are credited for helping the Middle East movements that toppled the governments in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Tunisia. Social Media is playing an ever increasing role in influencing hearts and minds with movements like the Occupy movements that have cropped up all over the states. It’s hard to deny how powerful social media has become, and this medium will just continue to become increasingly important and sadly, invasive in our everyday lives.

Natural disasters were pretty big this year too, the tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan, earthquakes in New Zealand and Turkey, flooding in Thailand and parts of the US, and volcano’s too! It gives us pause to think about how volatile our world is and from an IT perspective; how ready are you for a disaster. Some of the best planning might not be enough for some of the magnitude problems that occurred. Japan was a painful example of this with the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant, what if those generators were put in a better place?

Lastly, on the tech side of the obituaries, Steve Jobs passed away, just in case you lived under a rock this year. I wasn’t a huge fan of his, but his influence in the industry I am a part of is undeniable.

OK, enough rambling, I think I spoke enough to wrap up this year… Let’s hope that 2012 is a more prosperous and happier year. Happy New Year everyone.