Review: SD Tabletwear Smart Case for Kindle Fire

Buying a case for any tablet is a challenge. Tastes vary greatly, and trying to find one that fits your taste can be daunting. When my wife first got her Kindle Fire , one of the first things we had to do was find a case for it. Technically you really don’t need a case for any portable device, but the thought of our device getting scuffed up just doesn’t seem right; granted most cases won’t help in a bad fall, but at least you get some protection from the standard wear and tear of throwing your device into your back or around the house.

Most cases I’ve found for the Kindle Fire are either slip cases or cases modeled after a hard covered book. The book-type cases I’ve seen don’t offer much in the way of protection for the Kindle Fire, most hold the device in with corner tabs. A few offer the ability to stand the device up in landscape mode for viewing movies, but the implementation seems lackluster. The Belkin Folio case, for example, has rubbery slots on the over so you can prop the device up on the cover; it’s functional, but just not very inspired. offers an interesting case, the SD TabletWear Advanced case for the Kindle Fire. The SD TabletWear is one of the better designed cases I’ve seen for the Kindle Fire. The case is made of a soft leather, and features a front tri-fold design similar to Apple’s Smart Cover for the IPad 2.  The case itself is a slip case, which envelopes the device completely (except for the screen, buttons and speakers) for better protection. The cover nicely closes onto the front with the aid of magnets (Yay, No Straps!), just like the Apple Smart Cover. The front cover can then coil  around, folding into a triangle which clasps onto the back side with a magnet, allowing the device to be propped up in landscape mode for watching movies. Take a look at the gallery and video below and see for yourself.

The case is only available overseas at in the UK, and the site only supports pricing in the British pound (so you’ll need to do some currency conversion), but they do ship overseas and they accept Paypal and Google Checkout. Take a look at the links below for Gearzap’s SD Tabletwear Advanced case and other Kindle Fire accessories. Thanks for reading.