Unboxing the New iPad

OK, I know in my last post I said that I’d take a pass at the New iPad after I found out what all the hoopla was about… well, I guess I lied… I went out to Best Buy today and got one… Which, in itself is a little bit of a surprise, since usual Apple product launches results in chaos. Best Buy was sold out of some model variations, but it was sort of good to see that supplies were plentiful, and no one died trying to get one.

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The New iPad Revealed – Dower’s Thoughts on the New iPad

So, the latest generation of the iPad has been officially revealed. Oddly enough, it doesn’t bear the name of “iPad HD” or even “iPad3”. Apple seems to be referring to it as the “New iPad“. I suppose it’s their way of removing the numeral that’s been attached to the device… Although I think that’s a bit silly, since most people will refer to it as the iPad3 anyway. Name asside, what’s important is what the big hubbub about this latest iteration is.  

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Unity3D Android and IOS for Free!

While poking around on the web today, I ran across a post on dealnews.com, it said that Unity3D for Android and IOS are free till April 8! Poking around on Unity’s website, I couldn’t find any mention of a time limit, but indeed, the Android and IOS portions of Unity3D are free… Normally, that’s an additional $500 for each platform!

For those that might not know, Unity3D is probably the most popular 3D game creation engine on the IOS and Android platform next to Epic’s Unreal engine. Not only does this engine work in the mobile space, it cross platform and browser ready too! The programming language is either C#, Javascript or their own scripting language.

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Creating a Basic Horizontal Scrollable DIV region – Part Two

Continuing from my previous tutorial, about creating a horizontal scrollable region using HTML and CSS. We can see that creating a horizontally scrollable region isn’t too hard, but the end result is rather basic, and has some minor issues. In particular, the size of the scrollable area was hardcoded and as a programmer, hardcoding is usually grounds for a public flogging. Besides the hardcoding, visually, it doesn’t look great, because the scrollbar is not proportional to the true width of the scrollable region. Of course, if you know how many items will be in your scrollable region, then you can calculate the width before hand, and then hardcoding isn’t so bad. But if you are working on an application, you might not know until after the page is rendered. So, how do we attempt to fix this?

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