Unboxing the New iPad

OK, I know in my last post I said that I’d take a pass at the New iPad after I found out what all the hoopla was about… well, I guess I lied… I went out to Best Buy today and got one… Which, in itself is a little bit of a surprise, since usual Apple product launches results in chaos. Best Buy was sold out of some model variations, but it was sort of good to see that supplies were plentiful, and no one died trying to get one.

So, why did I do it? Well, it definitely wasn’t all the spectacular new features, it was because I wanted to upgrade my son’s iPad1. I’ve been wanting to get him an iPad2 for the added features of the built in cameras, the better screen and smaller size. The timing was a good enough reason to take the plunge. I did hem and haw about it for most of the week though, so it really wasn’t an impulse buy. I suppose another selling factor is my ever degrading eyesight. I know you can pinch and zoom, and the iPad2 is no slacker in the display department, but the new retina display does make text clearer to my tired old eyes. I’ll post some snapshots later when I get a chance to really compare the iPad2 and the new iPad side by side.

Check out the video below for my unboxing. Here are some of my thoughts I had during my unboxing.

The Packaging

I know the box isn’t the most vital of things, but Apple made just about Zero changes to the box. I proved this because I still had my iPad2 box from last year. The only difference is the copyright date on the back of the box, which is a 1 point font in off white. I see this both as a brilliant and annoying move. It’s brilliant, because it costs them next to nothing more to print up boxes for the new iPad. The annoying thing, was I didn’t know if I was walking out the door with the New iPad or the iPad2. Opening the box revealed the same thing as last year, so nothing to see here, move along.

The New iPad

So after a repeat performance with the packaging, it came time to look at the device, and yeah, it looks pretty much the same as the iPad2. The differences were subtle. The back portion curves in a bit more, the unit is a sliver taller, and if you look close enough, the rear camera is a tad larger. Even with these changes, it’s comforting to know that your investments in cases won’t go to waste. Indeed, the old cases I have for my iPad2 fit on the New iPad. The fit is a little bit more snug though, sort of like trying to get back into your jeans after Thanksgiving. The two cases I tried are my Speck SmartShell, and a ZeroChroma Vario case, both worked fine. Apple’s SmartCover also worked fine with the New iPad. 

That’s it for now, I’ll write back shortly when I have a chance to kick the tires on the New iPad. Thanks for reading.