Birthdays Abound This Week!

Besides a bunch of friends and colleagues who have their birthdays fall on this week, it appears to be quite a celebration for some games too.

Epic games, the creators of Unreal Tournament, Gears of War, and Infinity Blade celebrates 20 years today, and as a gift for everyone, is making a special 21 track selection of music available on their site (for free!). Head on over there to grab some nice game music.

Another 20 year birthday this week is for Wolfenstein 3D, which, for those older game geeks like myself, knows how groundbreaking that game was back in the day. It was ID software’s reimaging of the old Wolfenstein Apple game from a 2D world to one of the first 3D first person shooters available. To celebrate ID Software made their IOS version free! Click here to go grab it while you can.¬†Oh, and if you don’t want it on the phone, you can play the classic in your browser, hop over here to relive the 90’s! Oddly enough ID’s own website doesn’t even mention anything.

Happy Birthday to Epic, Wolf 3D, and my friends, Pete Boulay, Kim Osgood, and Neil Molyneaux.