Review: ZeroChroma Vario-SC Case for iPad2 and the New iPad

I feel the need to find protection for your iPad or any other tablet device is important, and the sacrifice of adding a little more weight to the device outweighs the risk of not having any protection at all. I’ve always had some kind of case around my devices. Most cases don’t offer much more than a protective layer, but there are a handful out there that attempt to offer more, such as integrated stands or keyboards. Today, I take a look at the ZeroChroma Vario-SC case, which brings more than just protection to the table.

For most of the year I had my iPad2, I was walking around with my Speck SmartShell, which I liked because it was a clear hard shell case, but had an opening to allow me to use my Apple Smart Cover. It also has the thoughtful feature of an added metal strip along the back to allow the Smart Cover to stick to the back, preventing it from flopping around. But even though my protection configuration was good, I found one thing lacking. The ability to securely stand the iPad2 up. The Apple Smart Cover does a decent job of providing screen protection with the ability to prop the iPad2 up, but it sometimes lacks stability, and doesn’t let you prop the device up in portrait mode. The ZeroChroma Vario-SC fills in the gaps. The ZeroChroma’s main selling point is its unique rotating disk on the back which has a fold out arm that props the iPad2 into various positions. The arm also allows the iPad to be tilted in various angles. The disk area adds a little bit of additional height to your iPad2, but it’s nicely designed into the back, so it isn’t that an eyesore and doesn’t get in the way of holding the iPad2. I didn’t find the additional height a problem. The Zerochroma Vario-SC is also a Smart Cover friendly case, so I don’t need to lose my screen protection. The only downside to having both is the Smart Cover has no place to go when you fold it over the back, and because of the raised disk, feels a bit awkward. You can, however, leave the Smart Cover flat on your desk as an additional surface for the arm, or roll up the Smart Cover and just leave it hanging on the back; If you’re propping the device in landscape mode. In portrait mode, you’ll have to pull the Smart Cover off.

The build quality is good, the material is a flexible rubbery like material, but the disk and arm are plastic. The arm has little slots in it, which gives it the ability to tilt the device in various angles. The case slips on relatively easily and wraps over the edges of the iPad slightly for additional edge protection. The wrap around does not affect the Smart Cover, so it still latches on nicely. It’s also important to note that the case works just fine on the New iPad.

So, if you’re looking for a case that does more than just protect the back of your iPad2 or New iPad, this is one to look at. There aren’t many other cases that can give you this much flexibility in how to stand up your device, and still let you use your Smart Cover. Check out my video below for more details on this case, and you can pick one up over at Amazon, or BestBuy. Thanks for reading.