App Review: MonTowers – Legend of the Summoners – Gotta Catch’em All!

The past week has been rather rough for me. I managed to really hurt my right wrist due to a repetitive motion injury, induced by overzealous fence painting. This of course was quite a problem, since I am right handed, and my profession involves heavy computer usage. In addition to the pain, I’ve had to try and make due with single left hand typing and mouse usage. I’ve also lost the ability to play a majority of IOS games. But luckily, MonTowers – Legend of Summoners came out this week. A game that I was able to enjoy while being single handed!

MonTowers is a simple game that can be played with one hand, with the main game mechanic being a screen tap. There are a handful of games playable on one hand on the IOS platform, and many fall into the infinite runner genre, like Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride, or board games like Carcassonne. But MonTowers is a little different. The game strikes at the heart of all gamer’s desire to horde and collect things.

Montowers puts you in the shoes of a Monster Summoner, tasked to summon and capture creatures in order to conquer mysterious towers that have appeared across the world. You’re not going to find much story here, but the game appeals to the inner horder in us and has us going into the fields to collect gems, which in turn allow you to summon creatures to attack the levels of a tower to capture more creatures! The goal? To become the ultimate Poke-ahem Monster Summoner…

Summon Monsters!

Farm for Gems!

Conquer Towers!

When you’re not summoning creatures in your lab or tapping around the world map for gems, you will spend most of your time in the towers battling through its levels. The battle mechanic is based upon the Attack Power of your creatures, their hit points, and the timing of your attacks against a timing bar at the bottom of the screen, where a pendulum swings back and forth between a red zone. Timing your attack by tapping on the screen as the pendulum falls within the red zone grants you a Preemptive Strike, giving you the upper hand, maybe even striking your foe down before it retaliates. You pit 3 of your creatures against the current level’s monster and as you ascend the tower, the creatures you encounter grow in attack strength and health; some even regenerate. A simple but surprisingly addicting formula. The game also rewards you with potions and tokens. If you level yourself up, you are granted “Fever Time” where you are given 10% bonus to attacks for 30 minutes. Your also encouraged to summon new creatures, as they don’t level up with you, and you’ll soon find your favorite creature is no match for what the tower throws at you.

Pretty Monster!

Wanna Fight! Fight Me!

Mix'em Up!

The game graphics are a well drawn colorful anime style. Each creature is well drawn and sports three level variations, normal, elder and master. The game encourages you to collect and level all your creatures up by giving you a gallery to view your creatures. Just a word of warning though, the game does cater a bit toward a male-centric crowd, since a majority of the creatures are female, and as their power increases, their wardrobe¬†decreases. There is no nudity, but some might take offense to this, so you’ve been warned.

The best part? The game is free with the option of in-app purchases of tokens. What’re the tokens for? They aid in various aspects of the game. While farming for gems, you are only allowed a finite number of turns to farm before waiting, you can pay with tokens to farm more. Summoning creatures also takes time, some high-level creatures can take up to 3 hours to summon, but paying with a few tokens can give you an instant summons. Tokens are also used for buying additional monster slots, and for the Gatcha. The Gatcha is a grab bag, where you pay 5 tokens to get specials. Some specials are hard to obtain creatures or recipes, which allow you to mix 2 creatures to make a special one. The only issue I have with the Gatcha is the rate at which it seems to give you repeat monsters. The game doesn’t seem to take into account if you already have captured a creature and gives it to you again, which is sort of a waste of 5 tokens. I recommend you don’t play around with the Gatcha too much until you’ve progressed enough.

The game also has a few other rough spots worth mentioning. Besides the Gatcha quirks I mentioned above, the game isn’t retina enabled, but will work fine on the iPad; it even works on my old iPod 3rd Gen! There are also some translation snafu’s which aren’t detrimental, but funny – creatures like the Frying Manta and Dwart Knight. The game also occasionally hangs up after long game sessions, which require you to force quit the app; most likely the result of a memory leak somewhere.

All in all, if you’re an anime fan, and possess that inner horder and desire to catch them all, I would recommend this game.

App Store Link: MonTowers ~Legend of Summoners~ РBuff Stone (Free)