is off to Hong Kong!

I count myself fortunate that I have family overseas in Hong Kong, and occasionally, when financially able, visit the other side of the planet. This month, my family and I made our way across the world, it’s been almost 5 years since my last visit, and my in-laws have not seen my son Isaac in all that time through other means than photos or videos mailed to them. I’m excited to go, since Hong Kong is quite the place for gadget nerds like myself to find interesting things to either bring home or write about. So I’ll be sure to make note of things in my next view blog posts.

Our journey began easily enough out of Newark International Airport in New Jersey where after a minor delay we were off on our 16 hour flight. It’s not the first time I’ve been to Hong Kong, but it’s been a while since I last made the trek. I do recall over the years how technology has changed on the planes, and my wife was very careful to select a more modern Boeing 777 jet to take us overseas. Continental has been our choice the last few times because they have a nice fleet of 777’s, and indeed, our plane was nicely equipped and comfortable for economy class. I must admit the first class and business class accommodations were quite enviable, but alas, I don’t make that much money, and a single seat there cost as much as our three plan tickets. Maybe someday when I become rich from my gadget blogging. 

A Universal style Adapter!

Each seat of the plane had their own LCD entertainment system with a load of movies on demand, a far cry from the old days where you watched a projected movie on the front wall of your seating section, or an overhead CRT television. The big bonus though, was between our seats was an actual power port, a real one, not some sorry excuse for a cigarette adapter mutation. A welcome improvement from our flight almost 5 years ago when we had a goofy cigarette style adapter built into our arm rest. I was able to easily plug my wife’s Macbook Air and my son’s Nintendo DSIXL in for the trip! The only criticism is it was a bit hard to get to, since it was near the base of the seats, but I was ecstatic to even have them!


We arrived in Hong Kong around 8pm, and as odd as this may sound, I was immediately struck by the smell of the airport and the outside air. Not that it was putrid or bad, it’s something that I notice when I travel, the scent of different locals, and especially those of places like Hong Kong. I can only ponder what life must be like for an animal like a dog, where scent plays such a vital role in their lives – but I digress.  We got out to my in-laws by around 9pm after a long cab ride.  The remainder of the even was spent unpacking and catching up. Grandma and Grandpa were very happy to see my son, and he’s easily grown over a foot since they last saw him. So, stay tuned over the course of the next few days, as I’ll be chiming in with interesting things I find on my latest journey to Hong Kong.