Dower’s Surface Pro Setup

I’ve been enjoying my time with my Surface Pro, and I wanted to share with you my setup for working on my Surface Pro. First off, I don’t use the Surface Pro vanilla, I’ve tricked it out with all manner of software and peripherals to make it as useful as possible. I’m taking advantage of all the ports and connectivity the device has to offer. I’ll also give you some of my recommendations for other accessories that you might want to consider if you jump onto the Microsoft bandwagon.

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Dower’s Surface Pro Finally Arrives – My Initial Impressions!

Microsoft’s Surface Pro made it’s world wide debut this past Saturday, and the launch was rather disappointing. The problem wasn’t so much the product, but more with the way the launch was executed, shipments were slow to arrive and Microsoft didn’t allow for pre-orders on their website; in contrast with their Surface RT launch back in November. Needless to say, my hopes of getting in over the weekend were dashed, with retailers like Best Buy and Staples not having much stock. My wife was lucky enough to get a pre-order in on Friday at Best Buy, but that didn’t materialize until yesterday afternoon.

I was on my way home from work when my wife sent me a text message saying I could drive down to Best Buy to pick up my Surface Pro, and immediately changed course to do so. The pick up was uneventful, and once home I was able to film my unboxing video, and did a quick physical comparison to my Surface RT.

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Pardon the Dust!

I’ve taken a bit of a break from Blogging, but now that Chinese New Year is upon us, I think it’s time to ¬†reboot my blog. Pardon the mess while I try to retool my blog a bit… I’ve decided to move to a more advanced theme framework, and I decided to give Gantry a try. But it’s proving a bit more tricky to setup, so much of the site is styled wrong. I hope to have this sorted out in a few days.¬†

Happy New Year everyone, I’ll be with you all shortly.