R.I.P. Lucasarts

Yesterday while poking around my RSS feeds for news, something caught my eye, it was a headline that Disney has shuttered Lucasarts. At first I thought it was an April fools joke, since I didn’t pay much attention to this years pranks, but I looked at the date and the announcement was April 3. From what I gather, Disney broke the news to Game Informer and indeed, it wasn’t a joke. So, I took a moment of silence and shed a small tear for a company that had given me some fond memories growing up.

For anyone who reads my blog and isn’t an old time gamer like myself, they might not know about LucasArts. But needless to say, for me, they made some of the most memorable games I’ve played in my younger years. LucasArts was the game development arm of George Lucas’s empire, and in the early heyday made landmark games like “The Secret of Monkey Island”, “Day of the Tentacle”, “Maniac Mansion”, and ultimately was responsible for showing me how awesome it was to fly my own X-Wing against the Empire! 

I suppose LucasArt’s death shouldn’t be a huge surprise. The company hasn’t made anything really that memorable in a long time. The only thing that seemed remotely interesting was their upcoming Star Wars 1313 title, which is now in limbo, and will probably never see the light of day. Part of me is rather upset with the company, since they only have themselves to blame. It’s hard to believe with Star Wars in their pocket the best they could come up with in the last few years was Kinect Star Wars – Really? Nobody at the studio thought it might have been a nice idea to revisit the X-Wing series? Even if they took the same game, updated the graphics and re-released it, I think it would have done well; come on, who wouldn’t like to fly an X-Wing and take on the Empire? The original was such an incredible game, and it came out 20 years ago!

I won’t rant any more, but here are some other links to more information about the closure and some tributes to this once great company:

Farewell LucasArts, let’s hope that Mickey Mouse can do more with what you have squandered in your twilight years.