My Return… Finally… I hope.

It’s hard to believe that the last real thing I wrote on my blog was almost a year ago. It’s not like I didn’t have anything to say; on the contrary. With so much that happened in the tech world during the last part of 2013, it was hard not to want to, but I guess I became a little bit disenchanted with blogging. I had many other things going on to, such as my real job. It took me over a year to deflate and get into the rhythm of the company I work for. It was a good thing, and I found my work groove, a much better one than the place I spent almost 10 years at before.

I’ve also not been silent. I instead took time to work exclusively on my YouTube Channel ( I should have updated my blog at the same time, but, likeĀ  I said before, I became disenchanted with the styling and feel of it.

Now, I decided to try and return, clean things up a bit, add a fresh layer of paint, and try again.