X-Wing and Tie Fighter Now on GOG!

It’s hard to believe, but LucasArts release the first X-Wing game back in 1994! That’s 20 years ago! LucasArts followed it with Tie Fighter in 1996, both games were fantastic and became an everlasting part of my past. The horror of the story is that these games never saw any type of re-release, until now. Good Old Games, GOG, has gotten the rights to sell these games! If you never played it, I highly suggest you get them, both games are $10 each, and come with the all their expansions. So, now, instead of trying to dig up old floppy disks or pirating the game and struggling with emulators, GOG did the hard work for you. For me, this was an instabuy! I’ll be reporting later on how it’s like.