My name is Dower; I am a gadget lover, software and web developer, gamer, and father. I am a living witness to the term “Technology changes so fast!”

Within these virtual hallowed walls of my blog you will find my insights and ramblings into the vast fast paced world of personal computing, information technology and gaming from the perspective of someone who is living it and is raising a child in this complex information-overloaded era.

Back in 1983, Apple Computer debuted the Apple IIe computer to the world. A revolutionary device from an upstart company started in a garage called Apple Computers by now legendary founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple embodied the pioneering spirit of the early days of computing by showing that a small company could brazenly challenge the juggernaut that was International Business Machines (IBM). My father had caught wind of this new up and coming technology revolution called personal computing and spent $2000 on an Apple IIe for me as a Christmas gift when I was 11.

My father made it clear that education was to be the purpose of the expensive computer. To his chagrin, I discovered this incredible device could do so much more than word processing and educational software. It can be used to play games! It was in this time I witnessed to the birth of computer gaming. I’ve seen the rise and fall of giants, like Atari, Electronic Arts, Activision, Sega, Nintendo and Sony. I saw games evolve from text-based parsers to their ultra-realistic 1080p incarnations today and I saw this entertainment medium migrate from arcade parlors into the home.

I was there to see the dawn of the information age, when I first bought a 1200-baud modem and started calling bulletin boards across America and racking up $500 phone bills. For a short time in college I ran my own bulletin board delivered through a US Robotics 9600-baud modem on a PC I built myself in an on-campus apartment.

I am now fortunate to be a participant in the next era of computing, information and gaming: The convergence into the space that is now the mobile frontier, with the rise of Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, and the recent surge in tablet computing.

Since my journey began I’ve witnessed the growth of the PC, gaming, and information revolutions, as they grew from niche markets to a component of daily life. I’ve touched, used, owned or was exposed to almost every piece of personal computing and gaming hardware ever made.  It was all made possible by the foresight my father had when he saw that Apple Computer in the Macy’s department store back in 1983. It is my greatest pleasure to share my experience and perspective to anyone who reads my blog.