Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Impressions from the Press Conference

On October 6, 10am EST, Microsoft had their chance to show off their newest gadget/tech lineup. There was already plenty of speculation leading up to the show; including leaked specs for their new Lumia phones. Microsoft made a big show of their new line up, starting with their Hololens augmented reality headset, then moving onto the official debut of the new Lumia 950 and 950XL Windows Phones. Everything lead up to the Surface Pro update, which was well planned and delivered.

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R.I.P. Lucasarts

Yesterday while poking around my RSS feeds for news, something caught my eye, it was a headline that Disney has shuttered Lucasarts. At first I thought it was an April fools joke, since I didn’t pay much attention to this years pranks, but I looked at the date and the announcement was April 3. From what I gather, Disney broke the news to Game Informer and indeed, it wasn’t a joke. So, I took a moment of silence and shed a small tear for a company that had given me some fond memories growing up.

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Microsoft Surface Pro – Now the Bad Parts

With all the recent flourishes and praise I’ve been giving the Surface Pro, you might be surprised that now I bring up the things that have annoyed me about the Surface Pro. Indeed, with all that I feel the Surface Pro does right, there are things that it doesn’t. You should read this section if you’re on the fence about buying a Surface Pro, and if you can live with some of these issues and shortcomings.

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Microsoft Surface – My Weekend Experience

FedEx delivered my Microsoft Surface RT right on time this past Friday at 10:30am, and as soon I was able to make it home from work at lunch I unwrapped it and began playing with it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited to about a new device… I’m can’t exactly explain why I was so excited about the Surface RT, but I think much of the excitement was the prospect of a really new device. Windows RT is different enough from the glut of Android offerings and the iPad to really get me excited. I pre-ordered the 64GB edition that came with the Touch Cover, but I knew that I would be trying to do more typing on it, so I order the Type Cover… If anything, it’ll give me more to talk about. So, now that I’ve spent some time with it, what are my thoughts?

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Season of the Technogasm Climaxing Tomorrow!

Well, I’ve been keeping quiet for a while, sitting on the side lines watching this techno gadget porno play out between the big three, Microsoft, Apple and Google. It all comes to a climax tomorrow, with Windows 8 officially becoming available to the masses and Apple opening their doors for the preorder of their newest tablets, the iPad Mini and the refreshed iPad 3 (or what some are calling the 3S). Not to be left behind, Google will make a move with their Nexus 7 next week, by offering a larger capacity Nexus 7 at a lower price. So, what’s to make of all this techno bliss? Let’s reflect on all this.

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I count myself fortunate that I have family overseas in Hong Kong, and occasionally, when financially able, visit the other side of the planet. This month, my family and I made our way across the world, it’s been almost 5 years since my last visit, and my in-laws have not seen my son Isaac in all that time through other means than photos or videos mailed to them. I’m excited to go, since Hong Kong is quite the place for gadget nerds like myself to find interesting things to either bring home or write about. So I’ll be sure to make note of things in my next view blog posts.

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History of Browser User Agents

A buddy of mine passed along a link that I thought is worth sharing. If you’ve done any serious web development in the past, then you will have come across the need to check a browser’s user agent string at some point to try and determine what browser is visiting your web site. But have you ever wondered where all that nonsensical text came from? Aaron Anderson over at WebAIM wrote a humorous look back at the history of the Browser User Agent string. It’s not a new article; it’s a few years old now, but it’s a funny read, and highlights how we got into the mess we’re in today. Click here to go to Aaron’s article. If you want a sobering look at how many there are, keeps track of them. 

Size Matters – Screen Resolutions that is.

In the old days, before the explosion of mobile devices, we didn’t have to worry about screen size that much. Nope, in those days, most humans had monitors that were typically about 800×600 pixels and possibly 1024×768 pixels. Designing an application or web page in those days meant that if you kept to those confines, you’d be ok. These days, that’s not really the case anymore.

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The New iPad Revealed – Dower’s Thoughts on the New iPad

So, the latest generation of the iPad has been officially revealed. Oddly enough, it doesn’t bear the name of “iPad HD” or even “iPad3”. Apple seems to be referring to it as the “New iPad“. I suppose it’s their way of removing the numeral that’s been attached to the device… Although I think that’s a bit silly, since most people will refer to it as the iPad3 anyway. Name asside, what’s important is what the big hubbub about this latest iteration is.  

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