Dower Returns from Hong Kong

This is a late post, and much of it was written while I was on my flight home from Hong Kong. I figure I’d finish this and post it…

It’s now 5 am in the Northeastern United States, and 5pm in Hong Kong on July 11. I find myself aboard a United Boeing 777 cruising over the Pacific near the northern pole headed home after spending almost three weeks in Hong Kong. I leave behind my wife and son who will be there for the remainder of the summer. I meant to blog more about my trip while I was there, but I felt the need to really stay away from all my normal daily activities, such as keeping up with my tech news and blogging, giving myself the chance to recharge. I was still on the computer though, my real job had me doing some work from overseas because of an important looming deadline in August. But now that I’m headed back home, I can share some of the interesting things I found and did in Hong Kong.

Contine reading is off to Hong Kong!

I count myself fortunate that I have family overseas in Hong Kong, and occasionally, when financially able, visit the other side of the planet. This month, my family and I made our way across the world, it’s been almost 5 years since my last visit, and my in-laws have not seen my son Isaac in all that time through other means than photos or videos mailed to them. I’m excited to go, since Hong Kong is quite the place for gadget nerds like myself to find interesting things to either bring home or write about. So I’ll be sure to make note of things in my next view blog posts.

Contine reading