It’s Official, Apple Announces the iPhone 5

Well, I took a break from blogging over the summer and what better time to get back into the mix than with yesterday’s announcement of the iPhone 5 by Apple. Those that know me understand that I’m quite a gadget junkie, and even though my addiction began way before the iPhone, in the past few years the iPhone and IOS devices have garnered much of my attention. So, what’s my take on yesterday’s announcement? I can safely say that it’s the best iPhone ever made. But, I don’t think it’s the best smartphone anymore. Let me explain.

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App Review: MonTowers – Legend of the Summoners – Gotta Catch’em All!

The past week has been rather rough for me. I managed to really hurt my right wrist due to a repetitive motion injury, induced by overzealous fence painting. This of course was quite a problem, since I am right handed, and my profession involves heavy computer usage. In addition to the pain, I’ve had to try and make due with single left hand typing and mouse usage. I’ve also lost the ability to play a majority of IOS games. But luckily, MonTowers – Legend of Summoners came out this week. A game that I was able to enjoy while being single handed!

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The New iPad Revealed – Dower’s Thoughts on the New iPad

So, the latest generation of the iPad has been officially revealed. Oddly enough, it doesn’t bear the name of “iPad HD” or even “iPad3”. Apple seems to be referring to it as the “New iPad“. I suppose it’s their way of removing the numeral that’s been attached to the device… Although I think that’s a bit silly, since most people will refer to it as the iPad3 anyway. Name asside, what’s important is what the big hubbub about this latest iteration is.  

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Unity3D Android and IOS for Free!

While poking around on the web today, I ran across a post on, it said that Unity3D for Android and IOS are free till April 8! Poking around on Unity’s website, I couldn’t find any mention of a time limit, but indeed, the Android and IOS portions of Unity3D are free… Normally, that’s an additional $500 for each platform!

For those that might not know, Unity3D is probably the most popular 3D game creation engine on the IOS and Android platform next to Epic’s Unreal engine. Not only does this engine work in the mobile space, it cross platform and browser ready too! The programming language is either C#, Javascript or their own scripting language.

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HP TouchPad is Dead.

The tablet market is a ruthless arena to play in. The arena is ruled by Apple and Google’s Android; Apple has the exclusivity and the most popular tablet and Google has the luxury of having saturated the market with numerous vendor creations, such as the Motorola Xoom, and Samsung’s Galaxy. Companies like RIM, the makers of the Blackberry Playbook, and HP’s TouchPad have serious uphill battles to remain relevant, and yesterday, HP announced the end of the HP TouchPad after only seeing a few weeks on the market. 

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