Initial Impressions of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3

wpid-2014-06-12-21.47.21.jpg.jpegUnlike official tech reviewers and members of the press, I don’t have early access to new and exciting technology. Instead, I need to wait till the consumer masses are allowed to see and touch them at retail outlets. The Surface Pro 3 won’t be available to purchase until June 20, but Microsoft recently put their upcoming tablet on display at their retail stores; and I happened to be near one yesterday.

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Microsoft Surface Pro – Now the Bad Parts

With all the recent flourishes and praise I’ve been giving the Surface Pro, you might be surprised that now I bring up the things that have annoyed me about the Surface Pro. Indeed, with all that I feel the Surface Pro does right, there are things that it doesn’t. You should read this section if you’re on the fence about buying a Surface Pro, and if you can live with some of these issues and shortcomings.

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Dower’s Surface Pro Setup

I’ve been enjoying my time with my Surface Pro, and I wanted to share with you my setup for working on my Surface Pro. First off, I don’t use the Surface Pro vanilla, I’ve tricked it out with all manner of software and peripherals to make it as useful as possible. I’m taking advantage of all the ports and connectivity the device has to offer. I’ll also give you some of my recommendations for other accessories that you might want to consider if you jump onto the Microsoft bandwagon.

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Microsoft Surface – My Weekend Experience

FedEx delivered my Microsoft Surface RT right on time this past Friday at 10:30am, and as soon I was able to make it home from work at lunch I unwrapped it and began playing with it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited to about a new device… I’m can’t exactly explain why I was so excited about the Surface RT, but I think much of the excitement was the prospect of a really new device. Windows RT is different enough from the glut of Android offerings and the iPad to really get me excited. I pre-ordered the 64GB edition that came with the Touch Cover, but I knew that I would be trying to do more typing on it, so I order the Type Cover… If anything, it’ll give me more to talk about. So, now that I’ve spent some time with it, what are my thoughts?

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Season of the Technogasm Climaxing Tomorrow!

Well, I’ve been keeping quiet for a while, sitting on the side lines watching this techno gadget porno play out between the big three, Microsoft, Apple and Google. It all comes to a climax tomorrow, with Windows 8 officially becoming available to the masses and Apple opening their doors for the preorder of their newest tablets, the iPad Mini and the refreshed iPad 3 (or what some are calling the 3S). Not to be left behind, Google will make a move with their Nexus 7 next week, by offering a larger capacity Nexus 7 at a lower price. So, what’s to make of all this techno bliss? Let’s reflect on all this.

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Dower Chin’s Asus Eee Slate EP121 Review

Image Courtesy of Asus

A Slate computer, for those that might not know, is simply a laptop that is all contained within a screen, essentially, what an iPad would be considered. Although, tablet is probably a more common term to describe these kinds of computers today. Needless to say, the form factor isn’t new, and they’ve existed long before Apple reinvigorated the form factor. What the problem was though, prior to the iPad, all Slate/Tablets were Windows only, made by niche manufacturers for a very narrow markets, and thus, commanded a really high price tag. After Apple brought tablet/slate computing to the spotlight with an innovative product, it’s now the craze.The other difference is the shear power that can be put into a Slate today compared to only a few years ago. At this January’s CES, one Slate computer caught many peoples attention, it was the Asus EP121 Slate. Why? Because in this years sea of Android based iPad killer wannabe’s the Asus EP121 Slate is one of only a handful of Windows 7 based slates to hit the market from a major PC laptop manufacturer, which also means it’s relatively affordable. In the US, the only places that regularly carry the Asus EP121 are and . Both are regularly sold out within the same day their shipment of Asus EP121’s arrive. Luckily, I was able to pick on up from Newegg.

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HP Releases New Elitebook 2760p Convertible Tablet!

In a recent press release, it looks like HP is releasing a new updated version of their Elitebook Convertible tablet pc this month. The 2760p looks similar to it’s predecessors, but under the hood they’ve made some nice updates:

  • Second Generation Intel i5 or i7 CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 320GB 7200RPM Hard Drive or SSD
  • Improved Intel Graphics Accelerator

Most notable on the list is the hard drives. The previous generations had a relatively non-standard 1.4″ PATA drive, which is pretty much the same type of hard drive found in the old Apple iPod’s, the drives being as small as they were didn’t allow for much space and they were also slow (4200RPM). It seems HP’s been able to cram a normal 2.5″ drive laptop drive into the same chassis, so now you get the improved performance and storage capacity regular laptops already enjoy. All this does come at a cost, the base model starts at $1500, but you would be hard pressed to find a slim convertible tablet with as much to offer as the Elitebook 2760p. Too bad HP doesn’t advertise or promote them very well… Hop over to their underwhelming web site for more details.